Innovative online market
and competitor research

Spymoz. Automated Online Market and Competitor Analysis.

In today's information society whoever possesses more knowledge is able to build a faster, smarter and stronger company.
Imagine a software that can give you up to date strategic data about your market sector, current position, competitors and is even capable of finding market niches.
All of this, just in a few seconds.
This is Spymoz.

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Monitor your competitors, know their online strenghts and weaknesses even better them they.

  • Uncover hidden competitors
  • Find all the relevant competitors in your market
  • Get know why some competitors reach higher positons in search engines
  • Learn from their behavior and become a market leading company
  • Real time monitor your most important competitors
  • Know the market and have a clear vision about your current position
  • Don’t waste human resourse anymore

See your website through the eyes of the search engines

  • Measure your online performance and progress
  • Use custom-tailored task lists to increase your metrics
  • Analyse your website, and reveal how could you perform better
  • Take the first positions in the search engines without paying for any advertise
  • Be ready when the market is changing and know what to react
  • Have more time and energy to focus on your customers

Find market niches, and learn how to exploit all of your opportunities

  • Bring heavy traffic to your website
  • ake advantage of a knowlege that is unique in your market
  • Create data driven content, that relies on your customer’s demand
  • Get to know better your customers by observing the changing of their needs and decisions
  • Watch the trends and build more innovative strategy
  • Investigate the market you want to enter